issue #4 / spring-summer 2008
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Hello Dragon (Los Angeles) is not so much a “band” as it is a recording project that plans to play some shows and release a bunch of music. How is that not a band? We’re not really sure either. A few musicians playing together in a room, some midi tracks, and who knows what else.


Quality Audio (Los Angeles) Our favorite thing, ever: Experimental, shoegazer, emocore, emotronic, rock, pop geek fests in our recording studio that turn into songs that we like to play and, we hope, people like to hear. If you don’t like us, we'll call you names like "gopher face" behind your back.






Blood Orange Review appears online six times a year. We love to read and love writers, so we created an online forum for fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art that we think deserves a wider audience. We want to publish work that pleases and challenges, and we intend to do this in a way that is respectful to all writers.


When the editors of Dogzplot say their lit journal’s content is “erratic,” they mean it. Erratic allows for short prose pieces, longer pieces, poetry, rants, visual art—whatever the writer/artist needs to put down in words or paint. There are no limits, no boundaries. If yourQueen eats quesadillas in extra spicy pico de gallo sauce, she’s welcome here. If you’re theophobic (and aren’t we all just a little?) this is the place for you. Art in its abstractions, photography in shades of gray, poetry, flashes of fiction, and longer works can be devoured like expensive dark chocolate on one of the net’s more progressive literary sites. Visit Barry and Jamie and Peter in their erratic world of literature and art. You will find them eating pizza and drinking beer while reading over submissions and commenting on your sketches in the back room of their collective imagination. – Colette Jonopulos


PoeticdiversityLos Angeles: Edited by Marie Lecrivain, this lit zine is chock full of deliciousness, including columns, interviews, poetry, and visual art.




Conduit, a literary magazine out of Minneapolis, announces its presence on the bookshelf much in the way Jean-Michel Basquiat announced his vision on doors, found wood, and canvasses; like Basquiat when he party-crashed modernism with his revisions, Conduit signifies art and literature that is moving beyond accepted limits. Lucky for us, Conduit has crowd-surfed its way into the mainstream trade as a lit mag that doesn’t skimp on intelligent editing. The result is a startling collection of works—over ten years and 16 issues worth—that not only exhibit inventive craft, but explore the chemistry between art and influence. – Tess. Lotta, from poeticdiversity November 2006


KNOCKSeattle: A literary arts magazine published twice a year at Antioch University Seattle. KNOCK looks at what's ahead in writing, drama, and the visual arts. We publish fiction, essays, poetry, plays, cartoons, and contemporary art, along with interviews with artists, writers, and activists, and excerpts from books and other media just released or forthcoming.






RhapsodomancyLos Angeles: A casual yet literary reading series held at the Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz and curated by Wendy C. Ortiz.


Spoken InterludesLos Angeles and New York: A critically acclaimed literary salon where award-winning, best-selling, and up-coming writers read their own work. The series is produced by award-winning writer DeLauné Michel who promotes the casual and conversational feel.







Beyond BaroqueLos Angeles (Venice, CA): A center for the literary arts that offers workshops, readings, support to writers of all career levels, and a library / book store.


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